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Tourist activities in the Central Drakensberg

Experience the Central Drakensberg as the hub for tourist activities

drakensberg horse trails - Central Drakensberg Horse Trails . There are few regions that offers better horse trails and horse riding experiences than that of the Central Drakensberg. The Drakensberg Mountains present splendid opportunities for both the experienced and the beginner to ride this magnificent countryside on horseback. Whats more horse riding in the Drakensberg is a great way to spend the day, and the full length of the Berg is negotiable on horseback. If you are a novice rider, your mountain holiday is the ideal time to acquire some horse riding skills, as there are numerous spectacular bridle paths that can be comfortably managed by the inexperienced horse rider. If you are confident in the saddle, this is an opportunity to explore the foothills and experience the true magic of the mountains.

drakensberg boys choir - Drakensberg Boys Choir. The Drakensberg Boys' Choir School has an internationally acclaimed choir trained in the Drakensberg. The boys range from grades 4 to 9 and have toured both nationally and internationally. They perform a wide range of music from classic choral work to modern arrangement and their African choral work and gumboot dancing is spell-binding. The Drakensberg boys choir have a loyal following at their weekly concerts on Wednesday at 3.30pm during term times.

giants castle hiking trails - Hiking Trails . The Central Drakensberg has a variety of well mapped walking and hiking trails that vary in distance and difficulty allowing you to choose the walks or hikes suitable for you. There are half hour trails that have almost no elevation to streneous whole day hikes and overnight trails.

drakensberg microlight - Microlight and helicopter flights . Flights by helicopter or microlight are available to view the Drakesberg Mountains from a different perspective. There are a number of operators in the Drakensberg Region and they all will make themselves available from various take off points.

drakensberg hot air ballooning- Hot air ballooning . Experience the awesome thrill and peaceful serenity of hot air ballooning. Hot air balloon flights are offered principally on the edge of the Drakensberg mountains' The hot air balloon take-off is from a site in or around the Kamberg Valley and within sight of Giants Castle. The Antbear Guest House has the best balloon launch location.

drakensberg bushman rock art - Bushman Rock Art . The central Drakensberg is home to a large sandstone cave containing Bushman rock art, one of the biggest and best preserved painted sites in southern Africa. Regular guided tours to the bushman rock art sites are available on a daily basis. Kamberg, Injasuti and Highmoor, Giants castle, Monks Cowl and Cathedral Peak offer rock art site open to day visitors

Karkloof canopy tour- Drakensberg Canopy Tour .Led by trained guides as you glide between platforms perched in trees and on cliff faces, allow your senses to flood with the timeless atmosphere of the forest. The inspiring nature of the majestic Drakensberg, the ancient indigenous forest, waterfalls and the cascading stream make this an opportunity not to be missed. The Drakensberg Canopy Tour® is a fun and safe eco-adventure for the whole family and is also ideal for teambuilding and corporate events. The tour typically lasts 3 hours after which you will return to the reception to enjoy a well-deserved light meal.

spionkop game reserve horse trails- Spionkop Game Reserve horse trails . Horse Trails through the reserve, where game is abundant, provides the adventurous with close-up views of a variety of game including giraffe, and encounters with white rhino. This is the best way to see game in the wild as animals are far less tolerant of people on foot. This is an experience not to be missed.

weenen game reserve- Weenen Game Reserve . The distant blue hills and undulating thornveld valleys of KwaZulu-Natal make a superb backdrop for the scenic Weenen Game Reserve. With the Bushmans River flowing through a spectacular gorge in the reserve, Weenen's excellent road system and walking trails, visitors have many scenic and game viewing opportunities as they walk or drive around the reserve. 

drakensberg white water rafting- White Water Rafting . White water rafting on big water is traditionally between November and April but as always Mother Nature has the final say! On big water we use the eight and four man rafts while in lower water the two man crocs and one man kayaks are ideal.

lammergeyer hide -Bearded vulture hide giants castle- Lammergeyer Hide The bearded vulture is most famous for its intelligent habit of carrying bones high into the air and dropping them on the rocks below. After a few drops, the bone has cracked enough for the vulture to reach the nutritious marrow inside. The bearded vulture is one of the shyest of vultures, and lives a mostly solitary existence, on remote mountains and cliff faces. Booking is essential for this vulture hide where excellent viewing is offered of raptors especially from May to September. Tel 036-3533718, fax 036-3533775.